What I stand for

„I adopt a structured approach to dealing with my clients’ often very complex matters, and am only satisfied when all parties are onboard with the project and we are able to tackle the joint task together as a team. I handle the trust placed in me with great care; every client case is important to me.“


After training as a tax and business-consultancy clerk, completing her business-administration studies in Würzburg, and gaining some initial years of practical experience, Ms Hirschmann-Menke was appointed as a tax consultant in 1998. From then on, she worked as a senior manager/tax consultant at small and medium-sized firms,

before joining MUNKERT & PARNTER as a team leader in 2015. Since 2009, Ms Hirschmann-Menke has been an examiner for the oral tax-consultancy examination run by the Nuremberg Chamber of Tax Consultants. She has been a partner at our company since 2021.

Areas of specialisation

Internal-price documentation

International staff secondments

Turnover-tax assessments

Foundations and associations

International business premises


Master of Business Administration

Tax consultant

Specialist consultant in international tax law

Farm accountancy


Sabine Hirschmann-Menke

Telephone: +49 (0)911 5987-307

Email: s.hirschmann-menke@munkert.de

Publications & presentations

  • ‘Quick Fixes’ in turnover tax, effective 1/1/2020 (annual circular letter 2020)
  • Constitutionality of the 6% interest rate as per Section 238 of the German Tax Code – the latest developments and options for action (annual circular letter 2019)
  • Internal-price documentation – tightened regulations even for businesses with sales revenues less than EUR 100 million (annual circular letter 2018)
  • Turnover-tax particularities in the case of real-estate transactions (Leipzig, 14/5/2019)
  • ‘Reorganisation decree’: The latest legislation, case law and perspective of the tax authorities (Nuremberg, 27/7/2018)
  • The latest developments in internal-price documentation (Nuremberg, 25/7/2017)

Committed – competent – interdisciplinary.
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