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About us

Working as a team:
Tax consultants, auditors and legal consultants

What we’re about

For over fifty years, we have been advising, partnering and representing the interests of our clients. Our top priority, and the benchmark for everything we do, is ensuring client satisfaction.

Committed and competent, we focus on the big picture, while also paying attention to details. Our approach here is fundamentally positive and future-oriented.

We do what we can – we can do what we do –and we leave anything we can’t do.
Before creating concepts, we enquire about our clients’ needs and then deliver customised solutions –we’re never content with run-of-the-mill.

Who we are

We are a tax/legal-consultancy and auditing form geared around small and medium-sized businesses. Our comprehensive approach to consulting means we consider ourselves a competent partner for our clients in the areas of tax consulting, legal consulting and auditing. We maintain close local ties with the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, and have strong international connections through membership of a worldwide network.

Artwork by Birgit Osten to mark the firm’s 50th anniversary – a fusion of the firm’s history, ties to its roots, and work enjoyment.

All about us

Quality management

The quality of our services is guaranteed by a professional quality-management system. We take it as a compliment that our system has been used as the basis for the quality-assurance manual for tax consultancy in Germany, published by the German Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants, the German Tax Consultants’ Association and DATEV. We are heavily involved in its ongoing further development.

Our auditing firm, MUNKERT & PARTNER Audit GmbH regularly participates in the quality-control system for the profession as per Section 57a WPO (German Act on the Professional Code of Conduct of Chartered Public Accountants) (peer review), and is listed in the professional register as a statutory auditor as per Section 38 No.2 f WPO. By successfully participating in the peer review, which certifies all required quality standards for accountants, we have full scope to perform statutory annual audits.

Memberships & honorary appointments

Not only are we a member of various associations, chambers and committees, but also hold leadership positions within these, meaning we can work actively in our clients’ interests. We are present on companies’ supervisory and advisory boards. We also support social and non-profit institutions through numerous memberships. By awarding the Dr Michael Munkert Scholarship, establishing the Nürnberger Steuergespräche e. V., and participating in sponsorship programmes and lectureships at universities, we have been involved in training young people since as early as the 1990s. The Dr Michael Munkert Foundation has been awarding several scholarships and sponsorship awards to students, tax clerks and tax specialists every year since 2008 to promote and recognise young academics and professionals.