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Real-estate companies & property developers

Specialist consulting for real-estate companies and property developers

One of our areas of specialisation is providing comprehensive consulting for real-estate companies and property developers.

Our consultancy services range from investment/financing consulting, to property valuations, tax optimisation for property purchases/divestitures and contract drafting, to property management.


What we can do for you

Tax optimisation is of considerable importance, particularly for property developers and real-estate project companies, which is why non-deductible input taxes and unnecessary land transfer duties should be avoided. A forward-looking tax plan is crucial in the project development business, so as to enable loss offsetting and ensure you don’t fall victim to minimum taxation. Successful tax optimisation applies right from choosing a legal form, structuring company groups and drafting property purchase agreements.

Our strength lies in comprehensively assessing your property matters. Under no circumstances do we only look at property purchases from a tax perspective. We have extensive, long-time experience in consulting on property purchases and development. We review the financial framework conditions for utilising real estate, and assist you in negotiations if desired.

When it comes to property valuations, we work closely with publicly appointed and sworn experts, adopting a hands-on approach to obtain realistic results. We have our own specialised, highly experienced staff, who conduct property valuations in accordance with fiscal valuation regulations.

We advise you on contract drafting for property transactions, or, if so desired, take care of the entire drafting process for you. We don’t just limit ourselves to technical assessments, but rather assert your economic interests in a tax-optimised manner, taking into account the legal framework conditions. For complex transactions, we co-operate with specialised colleagues domestically and abroad in legal matters.

In accordance with Section 16 MaBV (German Ordinance on Brokers and Commercial Developers), property developers must arrange for suitable auditors to audit compliance with the obligations established in Sections 2 to 14 MaBV for each calendar year. We can conduct these MaBV audits for you.

Our specialisations