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Legal consulting

Our legal-consulting services

With our comprehensive legal consulting service, we operate primarily in civil, commercial and business law, developing customised solutions for you, so as to expedite the optimisation and fulfilment of your objectives. Our lawyers always focus on your specific situation here, while remaining alert to possible future developments. This is particularly true for our structural consulting, in which we reflect on interplay between both economic and tax in order to identify opportunities and risks early on.

In addition to designing possible structural models and drafting contracts, we also assign you an experienced lawyer to help you implement and enforce these, and actively and competently assist you in weighing up your specific opportunities and risks. We combine company-law consulting with accounting and tax advice.

How MUNKERT & PARTNER benefits you

  • Personal support by a lawyer from the greater Nuremberg, Fürth & Erlangen regions, or even nationally and internationally if required.
  • Creativity and lateral thinking
  • Comprehensive structural consulting, taking into account the interplay between fiscal and financial aspects
  • Attractive value for money

What we can do for you

When it comes to matters of company law, our tax and law firm is able to assist you in all areas, from founding to terminating companies. In doing so, we not only focus on ensuring the optimum legal form at the time of founding, but also scrutinise future effects – which includes thinking outside the legal box. Our lawyers will particularly assist you with all matters relating to shareholder changes, restructuring projects and commercial law, such as M&A. In addition, our consulting services also include tackling disputed decisions between shareholders and between you and the company, terminating companies, and expelling disagreeable shareholders.

Our lawyers will advise you competently in all matters relating to tax law. When it comes to arranging particular business cases, such as property deals, investments, company foundings and restructurings, company purchases or corporate succession, we’ll find the tax-optimised and legally secure solution for you.

We’ll help you before and during company audits, and in dealings with tax authorities in extrajudicial appeal proceedings and before the fiscal courts.

We provide advice on all types of taxes relevant to the company tax law. Tax law affects all legal forms and industries, which is why, in addition to private-enterprise companies, our clients also include public companies and corporations, and particularly non-profit establishments.

With us, you’ll always have an experienced tax lawyer on hand to address all your needs and questions.

Property law includes aspects such as property-purchase contracts. In this field, we consider ourselves an interdisciplinary partner focused on co-ordinating legal regulations and tax repercussions for you. For all questions and problems arising in these areas, you will have one of our experienced property lawyers at your disposal at all times. And of course we also assist you in negotiating loan agreements, while always bearing economic impacts in mind.

Responsible life planning includes arranging wealth succession in a timely manner. Integrated, forward-thinking consulting is a matter of course for us, as is the indispensable assessment of your situation as a whole. We help you devise a wealth-succession plan for your lifetime and beyond, protect your assets, maximise tax advantages through customised inheritance-tax models, and properly arrange contracts and dispositions under inheritance law. In addition to structural consulting, an inheritance lawyer will assist you with settling estates, while an executor will provide their relevant services.

A tenancy lawyer will particularly assist you in matters relating to the drafting of commercial-property lease agreements, terminations, the enforcement or contestation thereof, compensation claims and rent increases. We of course also represent you in any subsequent unavoidable legal disputes.

Our consultancy services in foundation law particularly encompass legal matters and consulting for autonomous and dependent foundations, foundations affiliated with families and businesses, as well as community and property-project foundations. We especially apply our expertise to helping you establish your foundation and choose its form. In doing so, we take charge of the necessary co-ordination between supervisory authorities, tax authorities and – if necessary – the authenticating notary’s office. Charity and donation laws are also covered by our consultancy services.

Our specialisations