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Family office

Sophisticated asset planning for private clients

Clients with complex consultancy needs – wealthy private individuals and exacting business owners – and wealth-oriented high-income earners in the process of accumulating assets will be assigned their own personal contact as part of our family-office consulting.

to company structures and extensive succession and inheritance planning.

We firmly believe that discretion, trustworthy dealings and partnership-oriented dialogue on equal footing form the indispensable basis for our long-term, successful co-operation.


What we can do for you

We work with you to arrange intergenerational succession of your personal assets and/or the permanent continuation of your business. In doing so, we advise you on legal, fiscal and – if necessary – even business-administration matters. We particularly take into account the individual personal and family circumstances of the bequeathing and recipient parties, and intensively analyse the time and scope of the assets to be transferred. Special emphasis is placed here on ensuring a balanced agreement between parties.

It is important to draft your own will early on.

We prepare one for you that matches your requests and needs, so that inheritance matters are clearly laid out and any discrepancies avoided. We draft inheritance contracts corresponding to your individual needs and wishes, never limiting ourselves purely to legal implementation, but also working with you at personal consultations to devise a comprehensive succession plan. Only after this do we proceed to converting this plan into the necessary contracts for you, optimised for tax. We can also act as will executor upon request.

Our asset-structure consulting service provides assistance in the form of a long-term asset and planning concept.

We expressly do not offer investment advice. The basic tasks involve taking stock of the existing assets and structures, analysing them and providing a customised decision-making plan, with a key focus on risk diversification.

Establishing non-profit foundations enables you to the objectives of both providing for the entrepreneur’s family and minimising tax. The foundation is established by the benefactor contributing some or all of their assets to the foundation.

We optimise the tax structure for you, depending on the type of foundation in question (family foundation vs. non-profit foundation), focusing not only on the associated tax burden, but also on the ongoing burden and substitute inheritance tax.