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Structural consulting

We optimise business structures

With our structural-consulting service, we give you the chance to experience our creativity and organisational skills, without having to immediately hire us for your tax declaration or preparation/auditing of your annual accounts.

The focus here is on analysing your business structure, with a view to identifying potentials for tax optimisation. We devise alternative structure options, and show you the specific areas in which you can save money, or be honest with you if we don’t see any potential for improvement from a cost perspective.

Make the most of the opportunity to obtain a second opinion from us. 


What we can do for you

We not only use the analysis phase to understand your business structure, but also to familiarise ourselves with your business model and history. This helps us understand why the current structure is the way it is.

As a second step, we analyse your needs and objectives. This helps us determine how ‘radically’ we can think, i.e. whether we can develop a ‘green-field’ target structure scenario or should think in a more ‘minimally invasive’ manner. The time component also plays a key role, as certain tax-optimisation strategies require a certain minimum duration for implementation. In this way, we ensure we only develop detailed concepts that can actually be realised.

The third step sees us prepare a detailed target concept, and show, if possible, various ways of achieving this target. We assess the opportunities and inform you of the risks and costs. In doing so, we not only focus on tax optimisation, but also on corporate feasibility.

Once a decision has been made to implement the concept, we work with you to achieve this. We obtain any necessary information from the relevant tax authority for you prior to implementation in order to minimise risk, and then prepare the contractual documents – be they company, merger, contribution, division or profit-transfer agreements etc. In doing so, we co-ordinate closely with the authenticating notaries to guarantee efficient implementation and avoid duplicated costs.

After implementation, we analyse whether the desired and forecast success has been achieved. We also constantly work on further optimisation.

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