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Succession consulting

Planning and successfully implementing corporate succession

With our Nuremberg succession consulting, we help you plan your corporate succession to ensure you and your business remain successful even in the long term. In doing so, we take into account organisational, legal, fiscal, social, business and emotional aspects, which we examine closely in order to find an optimum solution for your specific succession needs. During implementation, we not only assist you in legal and tax matters, but also in your communication policy.  

If there are no suitable successors in the family or at your company, we’ll apply our M&A expertise to help you find external successors, whether as a management buy in (MBI) or as a buyer for your business. Our family-office services additionally provide support with establishing foundations and/or planning wealth succession for your private assets.


What we can do for you

We draw on our experience to place particular emphasis on having open conversations with all parties from the outset, so that the final succession plan will having lasting benefit for them all.

It’s not just about financial targets and visions here, but, in particular, also notions of justice and an honest analysis of the abilities and expectations of the next generation.

Based on the results of the analysis phase, we devise a target concept with alternative scenarios as to how it can be achieved. In doing so, we focus on a well-thought-out and realistic time frame, often formulating multi-stage concepts in order to establish a long-term, forward-looking succession solution early on. We combine this with a contingency plan.

The next step of course sees us optimise the succession concept from a tax perspective. Our experience has shown, however, that successful succession solutions should not be tax-optimised at first instance, as this cannot produce reasonable strategies at a financial or organisational level.

When it comes to tax optimisation, we don’t just address gift and inheritance tax, but, in particular, also focus on ensuring a setup that is as neutral as possible in terms of income tax. This often also leads to restructuring measures beforehand.

We have specific expertise in conducting tax-based valuations of businesses and properties.

If you wish, we can also prepare contracts for you regarding the implementation of succession solutions, from company and managing-director contracts, donation contracts and any documents pertaining to transformation measures, to pool agreements.

We don’t leave you on your own after contract execution either, instead assisting you with corporate-succession communications within the company and in dealings with external business partners such as banks.

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