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Business consulting

Our business-consulting services

The financial criteria of ‘profitability’, ‘liquidity’, ‘independence’ and ‘corporate stability’ are the core focus of the business consulting provided by our experienced advisors. We work with you to determine the priority of the specific criteria based on the current financial situation.

Our business consulting involves diagnosing and professionally analysing possible weaknesses at your company for you. Our business consultants based in the greater Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen regions, as well as nationally and internationally, identify your company’s strengths and risk potentials, and formulate measures to counter any undesirable developments.

How MUNKERT & PARTNER benefits you

  • Personal service by a partner
  • Interdisciplinary know-how
  • A high degree of analytical expertise
  • Attractive value for money 

What we can do for you

Our business consultants prepare a control and co-ordination concept to help your senior management and managerial divisions plan and implement business activities in a goal-oriented manner. This ensures your entire company works efficiently towards the set targets. Applying value-focused KPIs allows you to maximise your company’s value and take any necessary measures early on.

Are you considering having your staff take a shareholding in the company? We’ll prepare concepts and solutions enabling you to achieve this, while also highlighting the risks and opportunities associated with this, so you can incorporate these into your decision-making process. The consequences for you personally will also be analysed in depth and explained to you.

If you want to further increase your company’s profitability, then allow us to closely examine the individual processes as part of our business-consulting service. We’ll analyse your company’s processes, eliminate its weaknesses and prepare a plan for further optimisation so you can operate even more successfully in future.

Our early risk detection system will enable you to promptly assess the probability of and extent of potential damages associated with precisely defined risks, allowing you to take targeted measures to limit and eliminate these risks. Our business consulting actively helps you deal with risks, and highlights the suitable alternatives in each case: from risk diversification, to risk hedging, to risk avoidance. In doing so, our focus is always on the costs and benefits of these measures.

Based on their long-time experience, our business consultants adopt a practical approach to business valuations, particularly in the lead-up to purchase/sales decisions regarding entire companies/holdings, and achieve realistic results. Meanwhile, our academic publications and empirical studies help further develop business valuations both in theory and practice. Courts thus hire us as experts to calculate appropriate settlement payments for mergers, profit-transfer agreements, integrations, changes of legal form, and other structural measures.

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