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Our auditing services

Our experienced auditors are able to assist you with any matters any time in the greater Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth regions, as well as nationally and internationally. Our approach here will be geared around our concept of what a future-oriented service provider should be: Our auditors first conduct in-depth analyses to thoroughly understand your business, so as to ensure an effective audit. With a well-founded knowledge of opportunities and risks, we can then formulate consultancy approaches. The aim of our audit is to generate added value, and thus contribute to positive business development.

Professional, accredited auditors, constant, open dialogue, constructive co-operation and swift decision-making processes are all a given for us, making auditing fun for you and us, and ensuring it positions your business with a view to the future!

Our services range from classic annual and consolidated-account audits, to special audits and outsourcing of internal audits, to due-diligence audits as part of business transactions.

How MUNKERT & PARTNER benefits you

  • An audit approach scaled to your needs
  • Fast decision-making through personal service by a partner in Nuremberg
  • Constant, open supplying of information to managers
  • A co-operative approach to finding solutions to critical issues
  • Attractive value for money

What we can do for you

Our auditing work revolves around conducting annual and consolidated-account audits in accordance with the German Commercial Code and IFRS, as well as inspecting annual and/or interim accounts. These activities are performed based on German (IDW PS) and international auditing standards (ISA). Our risk-oriented and structure-oriented approach to auditing extends beyond detecting individual errors, and primarily serves to identify system-induced weaknesses and thus prevent future errors. Our future-focused concept offers high quality audits based on our own quality standards. Analysing the correctness and efficiency of processes and structures simultaneously provides a starting point for them to then be optimised.

Our audit mandates include businesses of all sizes, legal forms and industries. We tailor our standardised, computerised auditing to your needs. In other words: whether you’re an SME or a globally operating corporate group, we’ve got just the services you need when it comes to auditing.

In addition to classic account audits, there are also many different industry-specific and voluntary or legally stipulated reasons for conducting audits or other assurance services. Our services here particularly include:

  • Formation audits/capital-increase audits
  • Audits of current management and financial circumstances as per Section 53 HGrG (German Act on Budgetary Principles for the Federal Government and Federal States)
  • Audits as per Section 16MaBV (German Ordinance on Brokers and Commercial Developers)
  • Audits of resource allocation in cases of public grants
  • Audits of financial-investment brokers under § 34 f GewO (German Industrial Code) in conjunction with Section 24 FinVermV (German Ordinance on Financial Investment Mediation)
  • Audits relating to energy regulations (EEG (German Act on Renewable Energy Sources) and KWK-G (German Law on Combined Heat and Power))
  • Audits of compliance-management systems and risk-management systems as per IDW PS 980 and IDW PS 981
  • Special audits relating to internal control systems as per IDW PS 951 n.F. and IDW PS 982
  • Audits of the internal audit system as per IDW PS 983

In addition to auditing IFRS consolidated accounts/IFRS reporting packages for the subsidiaries of capital-market-oriented IFRS accounting firms within Germany and abroad, our work also includes providing advice on switching to IFRS annual statements or on preparing IFRS annual statements.

The task area of a functioning Internal Audit division particularly extends to supporting the company’s management bodies. The Internal Audit department is responsible for rendering independent and objective auditing and consultancy services designed to generate added value for the company and improve business processes. As such, in addition to ensuring correct business processes as part of a functional internal control system (ICS), it also needs to examine the economic efficiency of processes, and optimise these. Early risk detection and consequent avoidance of potential losses should also be the focus of the Internal Audit division, as should establishing and seizing possible opportunities in a competitive environment. Our services in this context can include:

  • Conceptual support when setting up an in-house audit department
  • Occasional transfer of audit tasks to us
  • Full outsourcing of auditing services to us

We’re there to assist even in times of crisis. When devising restructuring plans in accordance with IDW S 6, our audits assess whether restructuring is possible and advisable. By analysing the actual state at the company, we determine the extent and causes of the crisis there. Building on this, and based on the general concept adopted by the restructured company, economic-performance, organisational and financial measures will be taken as part of a restructuring plan. Additional tasks may include assessing any possible grounds for initiating insolvency proceedings under IDW 5 11 or preparing/evaluating continuity forecasts.

To ensure successful acquisition and integration of companies, we perform a due-diligence audit to analyse and quantify the risks and opportunities associated with company acquisition. This means conducting a careful, detailed and systematic analysis of a target company’s/transaction subject’s (‘target’) data and documents as part of a merger/acquisition. The aim is to dismantle the balance of information between parties, obtain information relevant to decisions, and assess these. A distinction is made between financial, tax and legal due diligence, as the primary forms of due diligence. Depending on the degree of detail and security required, we can conduct due diligence quick checks, red flag reports, limited due diligences and regular due diligences for you.

Further specialisations