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Tax consulting

Our tax-consulting services

As tax consultants, our job is not to minimise your taxes, but rather to maximise your income and assets. As a tax-consultancy firm, we are interested less in assessing past circumstances and more in advising and creating structures for your future tax matters. When it comes to issues of tax law, we avoid futile arguments, but do not shy away from representing our clients’ interests where necessary, including before the fiscal courts.

How MUNKERT & PARTNER benefits you

  • Personal advice by a partner and our competent tax consultants from the greater Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen region, as well as nationally and internationally.
  • Creativity and lateral thinking
  • Early detection of undesirable developments
  • Attractive value for money

What we can do for you

We can optimise your tax burden. As a tax-consultancy firm from the greater Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen regions, we analyse your tax documents and find ways to reduce your tax burden. By taking into account your personal circumstances, we can prevent multiple burdening. As part of our structural consulting, we avoid simply declaring past circumstances, but rather actively manage them in advance. In cases of doubt, we protect against any questions about your tax return by obtaining hard and fast information.


You will also benefit from the benefits of digitalisation. Using the online DATEV My Taxes application, we can process your tax return (almost) paperlessly. How does that work? It’s very simple: DATEV My Taxes enables

  • Your documents to be provided to us via secure means to prepare your income tax return.
  • Photographs of documents to be conveniently uploaded digitally to the platform via the ‘DATEV mobile upload’ app.
  • Tax returns to be signed off electronically. Approval for them to be sent to the tax authorities will, in future, be issued digitally and not with time-consuming postage back and forth as has been the case in the past.

We audit your company to reduce your tax burden. If no agreement fitting your interests can be achieved with the tax authorities, we assert your rights before the fiscal courts and the German Federal Fiscal Court, always weighing up the costs and benefits of court disputes, as well as the associated legal uncertainty.

Our experienced tax consultants consider it their task to work with you to prepare an optimum solution for your financial and fiscal requirements, and thus secure the success of your business even in future. We systematically apply our tax firm’s know-how and experience to maximise your income after taxes. In doing so, we not only factor in all types of taxes, but also the reciprocal effects at a business-administration and legal level. The aim of our tax consulting is to be a trustworthy and long-term partner for your tax strategies based on active and holistic approach to handling mandates. As such, we place emphasis on intensive personal contact and customised consulting, and take time to address your particular needs.

We strive for accuracy in our book-keeping. Write-offs, accruals and deferrals and – if possible – inventory changes are all processed monthly. We see book-keeping not as a tedious evil and pre-requisite for tax returns, but rather as the basis for business decisions. With ‘Businesses online’, we offer you digital ledgerless accounting, meaning both you and our tax firm in Nuremberg will have electronic access to recorded receipts/documents at any time.


In addition to the usual monthly business-administration assessments, our tax consultants will provide you with a controlling report on plans and taxes during the fiscal year. This report will also include an industry comparison, so you can immediately see how successful you are compared to your competitors. Our book-keeping simultaneously serves as the basis for informative cost accounting, which we set up and maintain for you.

We will gladly take care of payroll accounting for your staff. We prepare this in accordance with the principles of wage-tax and social-security legislation, and conduct audits of wage tax and social security for you at our premises. To ensure your staff receive more ‘net’ from their gross wage, we advise you on the options available for tax-free and social-security-free income, such as job tickets, kindergarten allowances etc.

We help you prepare the complete process documentation required by the tax authorities. This documentation should conclusively show all the content, structure, method and results of the data-processing operation to ensure the (electronic) books and other records are correct. The ‘Principles of proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic format, and of data access (GoBD)’ contain explanations by the tax authorities regarding how the principles of proper book-keeping in tax law, established under commercial law, are to be interpreted when using IT systems.

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