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Finger pointing in accounting and auditing is not how I go about things. Even when it comes to critical issues, I apply sound judgement and work on equal footing with my clients so we can find a constructive solution together. Only then will we have done a good job. That’s what I stand for and that’s what I expect to be measured on


After studying business administration at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Dr Geiger was initially a research assistant at the faculty of business administration, particularly auditing, under Prof Volker H. Peemöller. He obtained a doctorate in political science (Dr. rer. pol.) in 2001, and was appointed as a tax consultant in 2002.

From 2002 to 2006, he was head of audits at a Big Four accounting firm, before moving to MUNKERT & PARTNER in 2007 after being appointed as an auditor. After leading the audit department, he became the managing director of MUNKERT & PARTNER Audit GmbH in 2009 and a partner of our company in 2010.


Dr. rer pol. (Doctor of Political Science)


Tax consultant



Dr. Thomas Geiger

Telephone: +49 (0)911 5987-410

Email: t.geiger@munkert.de

Publications & presentations

  • Balance-sheet issues in cloud-computing contracts (annual circular letter 2020)
  • Changes regarding the auditor’s opinion for non-PIEs in Germany (ARC newsletter, Spring 2019)
  • IASB modernises the concept of materiality: What is new? (ARC newsletter, Autumn 2019)
  • Quo vadis reporting – company reporting in flux (annual circular letter 2018)
  • Changes and innovations in auditor’s opinions (Leipzig, 14/5/2019)
  • Individual cases of publicity and reporting under commercial law (Grimma, 7/11/2018)
  • What makes an auditor? The delicate balance between legal mandate and public expectation (Nuremberg, 22/5/2017)

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