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Family businesses

Auditing, legal consulting and tax consulting for family businesses

As an owner-run business, you face a number of problems these days. So it’s important to know what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are, where risks lie, and what opportunities are available on the market. We specialise in legal consulting, auditing und tax consulting for family businesses.

To find the relevant solutions, we assemble a team of specialists from various fields to provide you with comprehensive advice, and assign one of our partners as your personal contact – consulting by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

What we can do for you

We consider it our job to work with you to find an optimum solution to your financial and tax requirements, and thus ensure your business is successful even in future. We apply our know-how and experience systematically to maximise your income after tax. In doing so, we not only focus on all the different types of taxes, but also on the interacting business and legal repercussions. Our aim is to be your long-term, trustworthy partner, providing you with holistic, active support. As such, we place emphasis on intensive personal contact and customised consulting, and take the necessary time to address your particular needs.

We audit your company to reduce your tax burden. If no agreement fitting your interests can be achieved with the tax authorities, we assert your rights before the fiscal courts and the German Federal Fiscal Court, always weighing up the costs and benefits of court disputes, as well as the associated legal uncertainty.

As part of our accounting policy, we work with you to achieve medium and long-term objectives by assigning varying priorities to asset, finance, income and tax-oriented strategies. Promptly preparing balance sheets means you have access to more information. We design the management report as a special marketing tool you can use in dealings with financiers, clients and suppliers. We also provide you with graphic business reports that can be used to successfully present your company to financiers.

As a medium-sized firm, we understand the needs of our small and medium-sized clients. That’s why we tailor our standardised, computerised audit approach to your needs, in keeping with the regulations relevant to the profession. Our risk-oriented and structure-oriented approach to auditing extends beyond detecting individual errors, and primarily serves to identify system-induced weaknesses and thus prevent future errors. Our future-focused concept offers high quality audits based on our own quality standards. Analysing the correctness and efficiency of processes and structures simultaneously provides a starting point for them to then be optimised.

We assist you with corporate succession to ensure you and your business remain successful even in the long term. In doing so, we take into account organisational, legal, fiscal, social business and emotional aspects, which we examine closely in order to find an optimum solution for your specific succession needs. We draw on our experience to place particular emphasis on having open conversations with all parties involved, so that the final succession plan will having lasting benefit for them all.