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Management-run businesses

Annual accounts for corporations and company groups – sound advice offered nationally and internationally

As a corporation/company group, you operate on international markets and are subject to intense competition pressure and ever-changing framework conditions.

Being able to make the right decisions quickly requires expertise, empathy and flexibility. Not to mention a consultant who speaks your language and can advise you in person even abroad. There’s one partner who will actively support your objectives here, and that’s MUNKERT & PARTNER.

What we can do for you

If you run an internationally operating business, optimising national taxes will not suffice. That’s why we advise you on optimising tax for your foreign activities, and devise solutions for you that minimise the tax burden in any country in which you are active, taking into account the regulations applicable there. Possible focus areas include a tax-optimised choice of legal form, optimising withholding tax on interest, dividends and licence fees, exploitation of international losses, and setting international internal prices. We don’t approach our assessments in isolation, but rather co-ordinate with our colleagues from other fields of consulting or, where necessary, call on experts from our globally operating GGI partner companies.

Our auditing work for management-run businesses and company groups revolves around conducting annual and consolidated-account audits in accordance with the German Commercial Code and IFRS, as well as inspecting annual and/or interim accounts as group or divisional auditors. These activities are performed based on German (IDW PS) and international auditing standards (ISA). When auditing the consolidated accounts of internationally operating company groups, we have, through our international GGI network, worldwide access to audit companies who act as local audits on the ground to audit your foreign subsidiaries. Co-ordinating with partners abroad, whom we predominantly know personally, ensures high-quality auditing, fast decision-making, and efficient handling of the group audit in general.

To ensure successful acquisition and integration of companies to the furthest extent possible, we perform a due-diligence audit to analyse and quantify the risks and opportunities associated with company acquisition. We also assist with due diligence at the seller’s end, focusing particularly on thorough preparation, and are able to apply our experience gained from assisting with purchase processes. Depending on your wishes, we can act as a comprehensive consultant in the areas of tax, legal, financial and commercial due diligence, or as a team with other specialist consultants.

Due diligence is a standard part of the acquisition process, particularly for management-run businesses – not least to also document the fact that the management bodies have adequately complied with their duty of care.

One of the focus areas of our consulting service revolves around company purchases/divestitures. We support our clients throughout the entire M&A-process,

from analysis, to the transaction phase, to the integration phase.

Based on an in-depth analysis of your company and the competition, we develop an acquisition strategy aimed to sustainably improving your competitive position. In the case of company divestitures, this phase serves to prepare information memorandums about your business and select potential buyers.

During the transaction phase, we take charge of making contact, valuing the business, establishing and financing a purchase price, conducting due diligence, and of course drafting/negotiating contracts and optimising tax.

When handling purchase mandates, we place particular emphasis on planning the integration process early on. We help you implement integration measures, introduce a post-merger audit to ascertain the degree to which targets have been achieved, and monitor compliance with agreements established in the purchase agreement (SPA).